Acrowell Labs Private Limited is a new, innovative pharma company. They have launched new products daily according to customer needs. In the summer, customers need energy booster drinks during long days of work. We introduce new high-rated products for health through wellness accreditation from Acrowell Pharma Company.

Z-lyte powder
Z-lyte powder

Z-lyte powder is an energy booster for humans. It includes various types of ingredients, like Vital Electrolytes, dextrose with vitamin C, 99% glucose, and zinc powder. Nucleic acid synthesis is mainly present in zinc, which increases mental alertness. It is one of the scientific formulations of glucose for hydration or illness. It is available in an orange flavor without including any fruit. Z-Lyte has many advantages, like


  1. Zinc also restores the immune system in the human body.
  2. Zinc also reduces the patient’s illness and improves food cravings.
  3. Most probably, ascorbic acid also helps to reduce stress and all symptoms of stress for antibody structure.
  4. Z-Lyte enhances phagocytosis for dealing with infection resistance.
  5. Z-lyte is an electrolyte that is most likely used during workouts to supplement energy booster drinks for increasing body stamina. It helps the body’s functioning parts.
  6. Z-lyte supplements are used to refresh the body while dealing with fatigue.


Please avoid this powder without any recommendation or physician’s prescription.

It is a vitamin C supplement for preventing any kind of infection. It is consumed once a day for a healthy immune system. It improves energy and prevents tiredness after a long day.

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